Group Summer Camp 2023

We had a blast at Cobnor Estate this summer! It was so great to be back at this amazing site after a long time. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Chichester Harbour and the exciting activities that Cobnor Activity Centre had to offer.

Our Explorers had a fantastic first week of sailing, kayaking and paddleboarding. They loved exploring the water and having fun with their friends. They also learned some valuable survival skills in the woods, where they cooked a delicious deer over a fire and slept in their own shelters. What an adventure!

Our Scouts took over the second week and they were equally enthusiastic. They spent hours on the water, mastering the Wayfarer boats and trying out different kayaks and paddleboards. They also went on some hikes around the area and saw some amazing wildlife. They had a jam-packed week of fun and learning.

We are so proud of our Explorers and Scouts for their achievements and their positive attitude. They showed great teamwork, resilience and spirit throughout the camp. We hope they had as much fun as we did and we can’t wait to see them again soon!