World Scout Jamborees

Every fourth year there is a World Scout Jamboree at which many thousands of Scouts from all over the World meet to share friendship and perspectives. The following Ajax members have been selected to represent UK Scouting at these Jamborees:

  • George Barber, Sutton Coldfield 1957
  • Lance Grundy, Canada 1985
  • Mark Faulkner, Chili 1998/9
  • Robyn Zabari, Chelmsford 2007 (Part of Scouting centenary celebrations)
  • Max Kingdon, Sweden 2011
  • Lauren Thompson-Chisnell, Japan 2015
  • Elin Johnson, West Virginia 2019

There have been some long periods when Ajax has not been successful in gaining places. However, it is pleasing that Ajax representation has become a regular feature in recent years. Future members, please keep it up.

This is an edited excerpt of George Barber’s “70 Years of Ajax and 65 Years an Ajaccio”, first published in the 2018 Ajax Group Annual Report