Cub Pack

In 1963, as soon as our previous brick HQ was watertight, Chiefy persuaded Connie West, one-time Cub Master with 1st Surbiton Park, to become the founding ‘Akela’. Connie ran a very successful Cub Pack until she retired in 1979 to concentrate on her other passion as a talented amateur naval historian. Connie researched the history of RN ships that bore the name ‘Ajax’ and, using her considerable technical skills, created precise drawings of the ships. Except for some of her drawings that hang in the Wardroom, Connie donated all her work in this field to the Ministry of Defence whose Naval Historical Section expressed astonishment that she had been able to collect so much material on ships bearing the name of Ajax.

Many Cub Leaders, Assistant Cub Leaders and parent helpers have stepped up since Connie to lead the Pack. The Cubs have continued over the years to enjoy a varied programme including weekend camps, Scout County and District events and competitions, skiing at Sandown Park, various visits to places of interest and trips to Walton Firs for wide games, backwoods cooking and the assault course.

Each year our Cubs take to the water for some summer boating sessions, which give them a taste of the fun that is to come when they join the Troop. During these sessions they experience kayaking, canoeing, pulling (rowing) and sailing, courtesy of our Explorer Sea Scouts and older Sea Scouts who help to get them all afloat.

This is an edited excerpt of George Barber’s “70 Years of Ajax and 65 Years an Ajaccio”, first published in the 2018 Ajax Group Annual Report